Jason’s Deli confirms data breach included Austin-area restaurants

2:24 p.m Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018 Austin360 Home
Beaumont-based Jason’s Deli has 266 locations across the U.S., including several in Central Texas.

After warning customers of a potential data breach last month, Jason’s Deli says it has now been able to confirm that an unidentified hacker was able to access an estimated 2 million credit card numbers processed by cash registers at some of its restaurants nationwide.

The Beaumont-based chain said in a written statement that it believes hackers began using malware to gather data from its corporate-owned locations on June 8.

In addition to credit card numbers, Jason’s Deli said cardholders’ names were obtained, as well as expiration dates and other sensitive information.

Several Central Texas restaurants were affected, including:

The breach has been contained, Jason’s Deli said, and an investigation continues into how hackers were able to access the cash register system.

While other businesses hit by hackers have offered free credit monitoring services, Jason’s Deli has not announced plans to do so. Instead, the company suggests customers monitor their own credit reports and potentially even freeze their accounts.

For more information, email customer.service@jasonsdeli.com or call (409) 838-1976.