Minecraft fans rejoice! The largest convention for a single video game is coming to Austin Sept. 15-16. Minefaire is expected to bring 15,000 people to the Austin Convention Center to celebrate the game.

What’s the big deal about Minecraft? If you have a kid in elementary school, you know. 

See a video of the convention:

Here are some of the things you can expect to see at Minefaire:

Minecraft Virtual Reality Experience: Play Minecraft with virtual reality. Learning Lab: Learn from Minecraft Education Global Mentors who use Minecraft in the classroom. Build Battles and Challenges: Compete in live gaming arenas, code within the game and learn to solve problems in creative ways. Minecraft Costume Contest: Dress up, dance and have fun on stage as your favorite Minecraft characters. YouTube Meet & Greets: Meet Minecraft YouTube superstars who will share their favorite tips and tricks. Nonstop, Live Stage Shows: Multiple stages will show different Minecraft experiences for different skill levels. World’s Largest Official Minecraft Merchandise: Of course, there will be shopping.

Tickets are $49-$69.50, but kids younger than 2 are free. Find them at Minefaire.com.