Every year, we go shopping. We go shopping for back-to-school clothes in July for our back-to-school section.

This year, we shopped for 10 different kids at five different stores and outfitted them with clothing, shoes and backpacks.

Check out some of our finds:

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Ready for class: On Kolby Tate, 12th-grader, Levi’s 511, dark gray jeans, $69.50, Urban Pipeline plaid flannel shirt, $36; Batman shirt with raised Batman emblem, $15, all at Kohl’s; iPack backpack, $22.49, at Target; and Vans classic checkered shoes, $59.99, at DSW. On Chloe Lown, 12th-grader, Wallflower jean and plush jacket, $60, So shirt with laced sleeves, $20, Tinseltown Denim Couture jeans, $48, and So Sugar maple Boots, $59.99 all at Kohl’s; and Swiss Gear backpack/purse, $49.99, A New Day earrings, $14.99, and necklace, $16.99, all at Target. LYNDA M. GONZALEZ / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

First-day jitters: On Joaquin Badgley-Finan, kindergartner, space shirt, $9.99, jeans, $24.99, shoes, $26.99, at Old Navy; and space jacket, $24, and Skip Hop Zoo Pack Bailey Bat backpack, $20, both at Carter’s. On E.J. Ocampo, sixth-grader, red Levi’s cargo shorts, $42, at Kohls; button-down shirt with space theme, $16.99, at Old Navy; Cat & Jack truck lunch box, $9.99, at Target; and Fila Fraction 2 running shoes, $39.99, at DSW. LYNDA M. GONZALEZ / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Let’s roar: On Mirielle Badgley-Finan, dinosaur shirt, $18, gold space leggings, $6.97, and camo and gold hearts shoes, $38, all at Carter’s; and space backpack, $24.99, at Old Navy. On Avery Knox, second-grader, dinosaur top, $16, at Carter’s; built-in flex shorts, $19.99, and Epic shoes, $19.99, both at Old Navy; and CRCKT dinosaur lunch box, $8.99, at Target. LYNDA M. GONZALEZ / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Getting back to work: On Kona Badgley-Finan, fourth-grader, unicorn leggings, $16, at Carter’s; skort, $22.90, and flower sequin shirt, $24.90, both at Justice; So Zina sequin shoes, $54, at Kohl’s; sequined unicorn lunch box, $12.90, at Justice; and Skip Hop Zoo Pack Luna Llama backpack, $20, at Carter’s. On Julian Gonzalez, second-grader, Urban Pipeline short sleeve hoodie shirt, $20, and Urban Pipeline awesomely soft fleece pants, $32, both at Kohl’s; Zip-it lunch box, $7.99, at Target; Under Armour Blue Lockdown 3 shoes, $55, at DSW. LYNDA M. GONZALEZ / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Made it through the first day: On Julian Knox, sixth-grader, Far Out Dude shirt, $10.99, palm tree fleece shorts, $17.99, and surfer shoes, $9.49, all at Old Navy; and CRCKT space backpack, $18.99, at Target. On Emma Ocampo, second-grader, star leggings, $10.99, NASA T-shirt, $16.99, silver star shoes, $24.99, all at Old Navy; ‘Jurassic World’ tutu, $16.99, at Target; and sequined owl backpack, $39.90, at Justice. LYNDA M. GONZALEZ / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

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