With the revival of TV show "Roseanne" - fans rejoiced the reboot - but old feelings die hard, especially after several photos of Roseanne Barr recently reemerged and enraged those online, especially those in the Jewish community who said they felt betrayed.

In 2009, Barr, who is Jewish and was born into a Jewish family, posed for a photo shoot for satirical Jewish magazine, HeebÔĽŅ, according to Snopes.com. In a Hitler costume, mustache and all, she was holding a baking sheet of cookies shaped like people. At the time it received backlash and hurt fans to pundits demanded an explanation, according to Snopes.

The photo is real. @therealroseanne burned cookies that looked like people in an oven while dressed as Adolph Hitler. I am actually crying. I think of the anguish of my family. I think of this little boy, Antosh, my sons' great uncle, murdered at 11. One of Roseanne's cookies. pic.twitter.com/rEWWk6ezfW

— Kurt Eichenwald(@kurteichenwald) March 29, 2018 ¬†]]