Another day, another Austin to-do list. This time it’s from Paste Magazine, and it’s a list of the seven breakfast taco joints in Austin you simply must try, according to writer Ashley Blom.

We love tacos in Austin (duh). We eat them at every meal, shoot them out of cannons and even get in epic feuds with neighboring cities about who makes a better taco. But what’s the best taco in Austin? That’s a topic of much contention.

9/20/10 Mike Sutter/American-Statesman. A breakfast taco called the Vaquero (eggs, Monterey Jack cheese, corn, roasted red and poblano peppers) on a whole weat flour from Tacodeli on Spyglass Drive. 

According to Paste, the must-try breakfast tacos in Austin are as follows:

Tacodeli (which they misspell as Taco Deli — strike one) Juan in a Million Veracruz All-Natural (another misspelling, but OK) Torchy’s Taco Flats Valentina’s Tamale House East

Tacodeli, Torchy’s, Juan in a Million and Veracruz All-Natural have topped many a list of must-eat tacos in Austin — last year, Foursquare users ranked Tacodeli and Torchy’s as the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in town, with Juan in a Million sliding in at No. 49. Also last year, the Food Network ranked Veracruz’s tacos as one of the top five tacos in the entire United States.

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But this barely scrapes the surface of the tacos that will delight your taste buds in Austin. For example, there’s El Naranjo, which came in as No. 18 on our food critic Matthew Odam’s list of the top 25 restaurants in Austin this year. And back in April, we published this list of 11 truly excellent taco joints around town, and not a single one of Paste’s top-seven makes Odam’s list.

I’m not telling you who to believe here. I’m an equal-opportunity taco enthusiast. My advice? Work your way through Paste’s list, through Odam’s list(s), through whatever taco list your little heart desires, because let’s be real — any taco is better than no taco at all.

But for my own selfish purposes, I’d like to know: What’s your favorite taco joint in Austin? Any and all recommendations are welcome here.

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