Remember when you had preschoolers and you used a sticker chart for good behavior? Well, we’re back to that sticker chart with my 11 year old. We’ve been butting heads a lot lately. I want her to do something. She wants me to stop nagging her. So, we have a sticker chart that include such items as Go to School, Go to School On Time, Shower, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed by Yourself, Do Homework …. those might seem very easy, but sometimes they’ve just very hard when you’re dealing with anxiety and arthritis.

Adding a smiley face sticker to a responsibilities chart goes a long way to ending the fighting and nagging.

So now she can earn 10 minutes of computer time for every job completed. She monitors her progress. She deducts 10 minutes when she makes a mess of nail polish all over the bathroom. And we don’t have to fight. She knows what’s expected of her each and every day.

Happy Ava. Happy Mom.