Austin’s Spectrum News is scaling back its sports coverage.

The 24-hour cable news network available exclusively to Spectrum subscribers will stop airing "Sports Night," a nightly 30-minute
sports show, this week.

The last broadcast for the show, which airs at 10:30 p.m. with a repeat at midnight, is Friday.

Some Spectrum News sports staffers will be reassigned as a part of the change.

The station does still plan to have some sports coverage, according to a spokesperson for Charter, which formed Spectrum after
acquiring Time Warner Cable.

"As with any network, from time to time our programming and staffing will change as we strive to better engage our viewers,"
the spokesperson said. "We’ll still have sports coverage, including our ‘High School Blitz’ show, but we have decided to change
some programming to offer viewers more information that is relevant to them."