Let’s say you’re coming into DFW International Airport on the 7:04 p.m. flight from San Francisco. You’ve been there a week, trying the sushi, stuffing yourself at the House of Nanking, knocking back Anchor Steam beer and thinking about Texas.

What’s the first thing you’re aiming for when you set foot on Lone Star soil? I know, Whataburger, right?

Well, if all goes according to plan, you won’t even have to leave the airport to satisfy your craving. A lease has been approved, The Dallas Morning News reports, for a Whataburger to open in an admittedly-out-of-the-way spot in Terminal E.

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It’s not a done deal, Whataburger has warned, but both parties should be motivated: The Morning News reports Whataburger is "the most-frequently asked about eatery on the airport's social media channels by the 175,000-plus passengers who pass through DFW each day."