Five people, including three Texas State University students, were killed in a massive apartment fire in San Marcos last month. Investigators are still working to determine what started the fire, which also displaced around 200 residents of the Iconic Village and Vintage Pads Apartments.

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As investigators sifted through the fire scene, they found a symbol of hope in a small survivor: Holst, a Red-Eared Slider turtle, the pet of one of the residents, Elisa Rosen. According to the Hays Free Press, Rosen wasn’t home on July 20 at the time of the fire. Instead, a friend was staying in her room. When the fire started, Holst was left behind in the chaos.

Five days after the fire, the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter called to tell Rosen search crews had located Holst in the rubble, seemingly unharmed, the Free-Press reports. He was still in his tank when Urban Search and Texas Task Force 1 found him, the tank filled with debris and low on water -- but Holst endured.