In case you live under a rock, “Black Panther” hit theaters this weekend and cemented itself as an instant classic, breaking box office records in the process. Theater lines went out the door, screenings sold out, fans dressed in traditional African attire and some even donned the Black Panther costume.

REVIEW: ‘Black Panther’ wows for all audiences

And at an Alamo Drafthouse in New York, a man dressed as the Black Panther himself took the biggest leap and surprised his girlfriend with a proposal before the film. 

Someone just proposed in my #BlackPanther screening wearing a black panther suit. She said yes. Y’all it’s live out here.

— Trey Williams (@Trey3Williams) February 16, 2018

Omg a guy next to us in a Black Panther outfit just proposed & she said yes & the theatre exploded in applause

— Cory Schmitz (@CorySchmitz) February 16, 2018

So many crazy outfits on display at Alamo Drafthouse for #blackpanther last night. Someone even proposed before the movie whilst dressed in the costume. Black people showed out for this movie and I'm enjoying the enthusiasm.

— Claude T. Hector (@TlntdMrHector) February 16, 2018

Wow I'm at @alamodrafthouse in #Brooklyn and dude just proposed to his girl, just wow only #InWakanda #WakandaForever

— Seven, the Tenth Man (@7Akil) February 16, 2018

I saw someone propose right before Black Panther started. At least he was in costume, I couldn't see her. The theater went nuts, it was like the Marvel version of proposing at a baseball game.

— Jeff Rubin (@JeffRubinShow) February 16, 2018

So this couple just got engaged in my #BlackPanther viewing!

We still had to get our popped corn in order tho...