No one is more popular than a loaf of bread in an ice storm. Call it the prom queen of the grocery store.

That’s something that plenty of Texans realized Monday night, as they prepared for freezing precipitation to throw their delicate infrastructure into icy havoc, and into Tuesday, as they realized driving conditions had become less than ideal. In Central Texas, wintry wet stuff had started to dwindle by noon, but slick roads remain a concern, keeping folks away from any impromptu H-E-B or Randall’s trips.

Deborah Sengupta Stith

Here are 17 tweets from around the state that prove Texans will take a dose of preparedness where they can get it.

Things are getting serious here in Texas, y’all doughnut even know. #atxwx #snowpocalypse2018 #Icepocalypse2018 #andthentherewasone

— CJ Castillo (@CjCastillo) January 16, 2018

Day 1. Overpasses are closed. No bananas at HEB. Thanks Obama. #Icepocalypse2018

— Angela K. Palmer (@AngelaKPalmer3) January 16, 2018

One lone banana. Bright side, I’ll get to eat this week. #icepocalypse2018 #dfwwx ❄️

— Anthony White (@AnthonyWhiteTX) January 16, 2018

The bread aisle at H-E-B on Kitty Hawk. #Raspageddon #WinterStorm #Texas #Inga.

— Joey Palacios (@Joeycules) January 16, 2018

Pure hysteria at HEB! This is now the apocalypse people! #WinterStorm

— Joey (@JoeyMandigo) January 16, 2018

Legal proof the #winterstorm is on its way. Tortillas at @HEB are almost gone!❄️