Whether you buy into its legitimacy or not, seeing a fortune teller can be fun. Depending on your belief system, getting your tarot cards or palm read can provide either entertainment or insight into your past, present and future. Here’s a roundup of where in Austin you can find tarot readings, psychics, palm readings, fortune tellers and more.

?Sister Temperance Tarot

Angeliska has been reading tarot cards for more than 20 years. She offers hour-long 15-card readings for $100 each, but she gives reading on a sliding scale if you need special accommodations.

?Bada** Mystic?

Michelle offers to “invite you to the most compelling conversation with yourself you’ve ever had” through a half-hour ($55) or one-hour ($99) tarot reading, or a customized hour-long Reiki healing service for $99. You can also combine the services for 1.5-hour or 2-hour visits.

?Senders Receive?

“The right question can change everything,” reads an image on Kristin’s website. She takes appointments for tarot readings and Reiki services, but she also appears often at local businesses like Irene’s, Garage, Ah Sing Den and more.

"Isn't it funny how day to day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different... "-C.S.Lewis ?Happy Saturday the 14th! ? Spending this beautiful afternoon with my friends over at @apt.f ?Stop by to sit & chat over a reading, enjoy mimosas & a special sale on artisan home goods?3-5 Today! #austin #tarot #weaving #textiles #interiordesign

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