These things happen. A big-name act is booked for a major festival appearance in Austin, and then they show up in the weirdest places. As the second weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival appears in the headlights, it seems the Killers are carrying on the tradition.

(Photo by Candice Lawler/C3 Presents)

According to social media reports, the Las Vegas rockers have set up on the roof of a building in downtown Austin.

I am not sure how the @thekillers are playing above me today and I couldn't get a ticket!?

— Yesme (@jerrylgarza) October 12, 2017

The Killers are performing on top of the office today… what is life lol

— Diana C. Guadarrama (@dcguadarrama) October 12, 2017

I’d recognize that gong anywhere @thekillers. What’s going on on that rooftop, and can I come?

— Alina Aly (@uhleehnuh) October 12, 2017

Erin Pettus, who works at Industrious in the Indeed building at Fifth and Colorado streets, posted a picture of the band’s stage set-up on the roof of ad agency McGarrah Jessee at Sixth and Colorado streets.

(Photo contributed by Erin Pettus)

The chatter on Reddit is that it’s for a private event. We’ve reached out the Killers’ representatives and will update if we know more.