Much of the time, we, the people, look at the Internet and think, "Why, Lord, why?" Even when (with a little Google-fu) we are able to listen to pretty much every piece of recorded music in human history, it doesn’t change the fact that the Internet has made the basest, most destructive impulses of humanity as public as humanly possible. No, I’m not going to link to any of them. You know what I am talking about.

And then sometimes, the Web delivers like Domino’s.

 Lauren Thompson Miller found a wedding album in a pal’s flooded backyard in Buffalo Bayou in Houston. 

An image from the album in question

It was damaged but not totally ruined. So she headed over to Facebook announce it had been found.

"Yesterday, someone’s wedding album came floating down Buffalo Bayou and we fished it out of my friend’s backyard (which is still underwater)," Miller wrote. "If you recognize the people in the wedding photos, please let me know. The baby photos of their first child – a Natalie Claire born in 1994 – are in this album as well. It’s obviously water logged and a lot of photos were damaged, but I’m sure that they would want it back!"

 Less than a day later, Margaret M. Chong Chenier commented on the post.