Weather experts are predicting that Hurricane Harvey will be close to a Category 4 storm when it makes landfall in Texas late Friday or early Saturday, bringing torrential rains to the Austin area.  And you know what that means -- you could very easily lose power in the storms. So, in a time when entertainment is mainly driven by things like Wi-Fi and electricity, how do you keep yourself entertained when you have none of those things? We have some ideas.

?Light every candle you own. Go around the entire house and gather all your candles in one place. (Carefully) light each one, and watch your house come to spooky, flickering life again.

?Invite your friends over. Misery loves company. Plus, it’s way harder to get bored when you’re surrounded by people you love.

?Play board games, cards or charades. There are dozens of different ways to play Solitaire (here’s a list of 10 great games) and Monopoly and charades can last hours. Also, adult card games like Cards Against Humanity or Superfight are guaranteed to make you laugh until your sides hurt. It’s a foolproof way to spend an evening. 

?Get out of the house. This may or may not be an option this weekend, depending on how severe the weather gets. But you may be able to use the opportunity to eat at one of these Austin restaurants that are perfectly cozy and delicious in rainy weather, or try one of these Austin bars or tasting rooms with great indoor spaces. If you’re not feeling like venturing far, maybe finally knock on your neighbors’ door and introduce yourself. You may just make a new friend.

?Read a book. When was the last time you sat down to read an actual book? Grab one off the shelf and give it a shot. Reading by candlelight doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend a weekend.

?Get active. If the rain and winds aren’t too bad, go for a walk or run. If it’s too gross to go outside, try some yoga poses by candlelight or use your phone or battery-powered radio to turn on some music and have a dance party (solo or with company).

Bonus points if you include this song in your dance party: