St. Elmo Brewing has a knack for giving its beers people names — like the simple, flawless Carl Kolsch — but the South Austin brewery’s newest beer might have the best name at all, at least for University of Texas football fans.

The Darrell Burnt-Orange IPA will be on tap at the brewery once it opens today at 4 pm. and will be “piney, strong, and bitter,” according to St. Elmo, which announced the beer on social media.

BEER RELEASE: 7.27.17 - Darrell - American IPA - 6.7% - This IPA turned out to be the perfect color, Burnt Orange. It's our nod to the Texas Football Legend, Darrell K Royal. Darrell is piney, strong, and bitter. Get the first pint Thursday, July 26, 2017. #cheers #beer #texas #hookem #dkr #burntorange #ipa #brewandshare

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