Epic, the Austin-based company that makes those popular meat bars and jerky, has issued a voluntary recall of its line of animal fats.

Bison tallow is one of the products included in Epic’s recent recall. Contributed by Epic.

The company said this week that jars of duck fat, pork fat, beef tallow and bison tallow might have been processed in a way that could allow “the growth of unsafe bacteria in the product, a potential food safety risk.”

No consumer illnesses have been reported related to this issue to date, and no other Epic products are included in the recall.

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If you have questions, you can call Epic consumer relations at (844) 370-1971 for a refund or an Epic product certificate. The consumer relations hotline will be staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and you can check out the full recall info at epicbar.com/animaloil-faq.

The company recommends that if you have any of these Epic cooking oils, purchased at any time, throw it out.

These are the products recently recalled by the Austin-based company, Epic. Contributed by Epic.

In a comment on the Epic website, a customer asked if the company’s sale to General Mills might have affected its production method in a way that could have led to the recall. The company responded:

Hey Scott, thanks for bringing this to our attention…We haven’t changed a single thing about our animal oil production process since we were acquired by General Mills, nor have we budged on our promise to maintain our autonomy and EPIC edge. We’re still here in Austin, our co-founders are still in our offices every day and working hard, and we’re still searching for ways to innovate food while ensuring our consumers are safe, happy, and fed as we wish to be fed. Thanks for reaching out and don’t hesitate to contact us again!