Summertime in Austin can be rough. In case you don’t know, it gets pretty hot, and since this winter was one of the warmest on record, some people are speculating that this summer may be particularly miserable (although meteorologists say there’s not necessarily a correlation).

One way to wile away the dog days of Austin summer is by floating around in a body of water (in fact, that’s likely the preferred way to spend an Austin summer day). In celebration, anticipation and perhaps fear of the summer that lay ahead, check out these fun pool floats we found that are perfect for a Texas-themed pool party or a casual Saturday afternoon at Barton Springs Pool.

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Taco float, anyone? (Screenshot via BigMouth Inc on Amazon)

Of course a taco pool float exists. It looks a little narrow, but it includes all the basics: Cheese, lettuce, refried beans and beef (but guacamole is extra). You can buy it here on Amazon, where the most promising review reads, “It’s a Taco raft. Of course it’s great.”


Float around in a margarita. (Screenshot via BigMouth Inc on Amazon)

Look at how much fun these people are having. You, too, can have this much fun. You can find it here.

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Don't worry, it won't poke you. (Screenshot via SunnyLIFE on Amazon)

It’s even got a little prickly pear flower on it. (Warning: Keep away from actual cacti.) You can find it here.


Who doesn't want to float around in a giant avocado? (Screenshot via BigMouth Inc on Amazon)

I present to you the greatest pool float in the history of pool floats. The best Amazon review: “Cute float, but the stem is a bit unnecessary. Does nothing for the float except make it look like a pear. But, I bought it anyways because its a freaking avocado float.” Same. You can buy it here.