Plancha burger and frittes at Launderette. (Giant Noise)

I donít know Kevin Alexander, but I have to hand it to the guy. Dude puts in work. He visited 30 cities in one year to compile a list of the 100 Best Burgers in America for And he didnít just go with the obvious choices, or PR-championed restaurants. There are some deep cuts here.

As someone who researches and writes his own lists (and one big Dining Guide) each year, looking at the amount of work that went into this makes me exhausted, and a little queasy. Of course, any great burger list must include strong representation from Texas. And while there are nine from the Lone Star State, only two from Austin made it in: the Royale with Cheese at Justineís (#61) and the Plancha Burger at Launderette (#31). The burger critic actually picked five from Dallas, including the sixth-ranked The Ozersky Burger (named after late, great food writer Josh Ozersky) at John Tesarís Knife in Dallas. For his complete list of the best burgers in America, click here.


My 2015 list of the best burgers in Austin (guess I need to get back on the burger trail) ]]