If you’ve ever been to Topgolf, you’ve probably been afraid of falling off the second- or third-floor ledge after a particularly overzealous swing. A Fort Worth man had his fears realized when he took a swing from the second floor and found himself in a net at the Topgolf in Fort Worth.

Twitter user @envynate posted the video on Sunday, writing, “My cousin fell at @Topgolf.”

My cousin fell at @Topgolf #Tolpgolfdfw #fortworth πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ pic.twitter.com/9TtytKtJy8

— Nathan π“…“ (@EnvyNate) May 14, 2017

He told the San Antonio Express-News that his cousin was “just laughing it off.”

Don’t drink and golf, kids. There won’t always be Topgolf safety netting to catch you.


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