Suzanne Cordeiro/for American-Statesman

Chris Rock brought his “Total Blackout” tour through Austin recently, performing at the Bass Concert Hall on Sunday and Monday nights. Of course, a man’s gotta eat. While we don’t have hour-by-hour intel on how Rock spent his downtime in Austin, Swift’s Attic partner C.K. Chin tweeted that the formidable comic and some of his tour mates stopped by the downtown gastroclub while in town. (Rock and Roots drummer Questlove also hit Eastside Tavern while in town.) Swift’s Attic and sister restaurant Wu Chow have become destination spots for other visiting celebrities, as a quick perusal of the restaurants’ and its partners’ social media accounts prove.

PHOTOS: Chris Rock at Bass Concert Hall

Such an honor to feed @chrisrock @LilRel4 @thechrisspencer @MattClaybrooks at @swiftsattic thanks for the laughs! #eatswiftly #blackouttour

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) May 16, 2017

Always carry a lighter when you're with uncle @snoopdogg #igotyou #jukejoint #backstage (: @candytman, thank you for capturing this moment)

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) April 3, 2017

Family Portrait. #enterthewuchow #incubus @DJKilmore @JoseAPasillasII @vatoben @IncubusBand @Doodare @wuchowaustin

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) April 23, 2017

What an honor that my boys, the magnificent @djjazzyjeff215 and the incredible @ztrip could finally #enterthewuchow tonight! #sxsw2017 #SXCK

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) March 16, 2017

Thanks to the homies, G, Malcolm, Brando, @dlopes324, for bringing #CaptainAmerica to #enterthewuchow! @wuchowaustin (see y'all in Boston!)

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) February 22, 2017


Dinner with giants. Love @ESTavernAustin for staying late! @questlove thanks for always helping the family grow! @chrisrock #familyportrait

— C.K. Chin (@seekaychin) May 15, 2017