Austinites love the Paleo diet.

GrubHub last week announced that Paleo was the top “eating plan” — euphemism for diet — of choice for Austinites, topping gluten-free, vegan and low-fat.

The folks who run Paleo FX already know that Austinites love Paleo. This weekend, Paleo FX will host it fifth annual Paleo conference from Friday through Sunday at the Palmer Events Center with some of the world’s top nutrition and fitness experts.


Online passes and day tickets are on sale through Tuesday, but you can still buy them ($52 for day, children under 16 free) at the door if they don’t sell out. (This event has sold out each year it has been held.) You can also buy a separate pass for the Expo, which will introduce you to lots of Paleo vendors and including access to a smaller number of speakers.

Mark Sisson is one of the speakers at this year’s Paleo FX conference. Contributed by Paleo FX