Your hot sauce dreams are coming true, Tacodeli fans.

The popular Austin-based taqueria, which first opened in 1999 and now has locations in Houston and Dallas, will start selling three kinds of its salsas, including their famed Salsa Doña, at Whole Foods Market starting on Friday.

Tacodeli will soon release its Salsa Doña to the retail market through Whole Foods Market. The salsa will hit shelves on Friday. Contributed by Tacodeli

Starting on Cinco de Mayo, you’ll be able to buy the verde, roja and their (now trademarked) Doña, the creamy green sauce that has built up a cult following over the years, at Whole Foods Markets in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Making Tacodeli-inspired Doña sauce from scratch

Tacodeli’s salsa verde and salsa roja are also part of the new product line. Contributed by Tacodeli

From a release: “Salsa Verde is a blend of tomatillos, garlic, cilantro and serranos; mild by nature, Salsa Verde bursts with flavor. Salsa Roja has medium heat, with a charred flavor from the roasted-in-house tomatoes, serranos, garlic and onion. The Salsa Doña, Tacodeli’s signature salsa, features a unique jalapeno and garlic blend.”

“We’re really passionate about this project and super excited to bring our salsas to our customers’ tables,” founder Roberto Espinosa said in a release. “We’re thrilled that our loyal patrons will now be able to enjoy Tacodeli’s vibrant flavors all day long, beyond the taco, to accompany their own family recipes.”

All the salsas are gluten-free. They cost $6.99 each for a 12 oz. containers, and you’ll find them in the refrigerated section.