Shred Day is coming! The Austin chapter of ARMA (which officially stands for Association of Records Managers and Administrators) is having it’s Spring Shred Day, April 29.

Why is this so exciting? You can box up all of your old records that you no longer need, but have sensitive information contained in them, and Austin ARMA will shred those documents for you. Austin ARMA teams up with Balcones Shred, Iron Mountain and Shred-it to make that happen.

Stop by 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 29 at the northwest corner of the Austin Community College Highland Mall campus, 523 E. Highland Mall Blvd. If you choose the express lane option, you place your documents on a truck that is secured. Your documents get shredded within 72 hours.

Or you can choose the Mobile Shred Units, and shred your documents right then and there, but be prepared to wait around.

Documents must be:

1. Only dry paper documents

2. Packed in cardboard boxes with fitted lids or securely closed box flaps

3. The boxes cannot be any larger than 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet.

4. You cannot have any hard plastics, plastic bags, electronic media, batteries or three-ring binders.

Donations are accepted and half go to the local chapter and half to the food bank.

Find more specifications and information at as well as a list of what to keep and what to shred.