An assistant Austin police chief was recently caught on a dashboard camera video in February after he got pulled over for driving 92 mph on MoPac Boulevard (Loop 1) and drove off with a warning.

Assistant Chief Chris McIlvain was in an unmarked patrol car on his way to Waco to see a Baylor basketball game when he got pulled over for speeding.

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After a short discussion about his speeding, McIlvain apologized for his speed, and the officer who pulled him over said “Take care, buddy.”

When news broke of the traffic stop, Austin interim police chief Brian Manley called a press conference to say that he ordered McIlvain be issued a $195 ticket.

“I expect officers of this department to comply with the law, whether it be criminal or traffic laws, just like we expect the citizens to,” Manley said Tuesday.

Readers, however, were quick to sound off on the video on social media.

Some admired that anyone could get up to 92 mph on MoPac, regardless of who it was…

While many people were angry at a perceived level of favoritism within the police department…

@statesman Seriously @Austin_Police ? You guys are just going to let this go? 92 in a 65. He should have been arrested. Period.

— Cliff H (@voidlogic) March 28, 2017

Ummm @statesman guess some people really ARE above the law. Any chance I could get back the $125 I just paid for my ticket?

— Mandi Lyfbotes (@MandiLyfbotes) March 28, 2017

While some people weren’t that shocked by the incident…

While @EvilMoPacATX just tweeted what we were all thinking.

— Evil MoPac (@EvilMopacATX) March 28, 2017

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