Mandy Shore, 71, was raised by adoptive parents in the United Kingdom and has always wondered about her biological family. After using Ancestry to research her history, she learned that she has two sisters, Lynn, 65, and Ann, 61, in the Austin area.

British Airways recently helped reunite three sisters. Credit: British Airways

A video released this morning by British Airways and Ancestry tells the story of these three sisters and captures their first meeting, just in time for National Sisters Day, which is, apparently, Sunday. The video was shot primarily at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

“We want to get our fingers together, because we’ve all got the same fingers,” Mandy says in the video, referring to the women’s shared crooked index fingers.

Yes, the video is an ad. Yes, it’s also compelling.

According to a release from British Airways, the airline heard about the sisters and offered to fly Lynn and Ann from Austin to London so they could meet Mandy.

It shows Lynn and Ann boarding the plane in Austin, then introduces a twist: The airline has secretly flown Mandy to Austin in advance and she’s already on board the plane, waiting to surprise her sisters!

“It hasn’t hit me yet, I don’t think, properly, you know, not until I actually see them,” Mandy tells the camera. “Then I’m going to just be a mess I suspect. Every so often I think I’m here, I’m here, wow, I’m in Texas. It’s been so long waiting and now I’ve come here, I can’t believe it. It’s just amazing.”

Once on board, Lynn and Ann are instructed by a flight attendant to turn around. Mandy is there!

Surprised faces. Dramatic music. Tears. Ann, Lynn and Mandy are reunited at last!

It’s an ad, but it works. Watch the video here.


In honor of the video, British Airways is launching a “fly and drive” offer that includes flights and five days of car rentals in the United Kingdom and Ireland starting at $549 (that’s for New York to Dublin). Book by Aug. 31 for November travel.