Blue Bell has a new flavor of ice cream rolling out this month that tastes like a riddle and an enigma wrapped in one.

OK, I’m not sure what that tastes like, but I do know that Blue Bell’s new flavor is called Ice Cream Cone.

Blue Bell’s newest flavor is called Ice Cream Cone and includes chunks of chocolate-covered cone in the ice cream. Contributed by Blue Bell

What does ice cream cone ice cream taste like, you ask? According to the Brenham-based company, which is still recovering after a massive recall that threatened to close it down: “Ice Cream Cone is a tasty vanilla ice cream loaded with dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts, all surrounded by a rich chocolate sundae sauce swirl.”

So, the cone pieces are in the ice cream, along with peanuts and sundae swirl sauce. This will be a limited time flavor, Blue Bell says, and you can expect other new flavors from them later this year.

Last July, Blue Bell released its first new flavor after the recall, Cookie Two Step, and now you can find flavors such as Chocolate Almond Marshmallow Ice Cream, Coconut Fudge Ice Cream and Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream on grocery store shelves across the state.

In other news, Blue Bell ice cream is just now starting to regain some of the distribution it lost during the listeria recall, re-entering the Arizona, North Carolina and Colorado markets starting next month.


From a release:

“We may have solved one of the biggest dilemmas for ice cream fans, cone versus bowl,” said Ricky Dickson, Blue Bell president. “Ice Cream Cone is a great combination of everything you would expect, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and cone pieces. And a cone always needs a topping, so we added in the chopped roasted peanuts. Ice Cream Cone is about as close to perfection as you can get.”