Danny Trejo, the Los Angeles actor most famous for his collaborations with Texan director Robert Rodriguez, isn’t afraid to stand out.

Danny Trejo on the red carpet for the TV series From Dusk Until Dawn in Austin, Texas on March 7, 2014.

He tweeted a shirtless selfie of himself in front of the Capitol to urge people to vote on Election Day, and he is most famous for playing action stars in movies like “Machete” and “Desperado.”

he’s also not afraid to stand out in the culinary world, as his new hot-pink-painted Los Angeles doughnut shop shows.

Trejo’s Donuts will sit at the corner of Santa Monica and Highland in L.A., L.A. Mag reports.

From Joe Donatelli, L.A. Magazine.

The new coffee and doughnut joint will open “very soon,” and Trejo also has a cantina, food truck and a taco stand in the L.A. area. The taco stand also features a behemoth of a breakfast burrito.

A “now hiring sign” is now up on the restaurant, but Trejo informally announced the new doughnut shop on an interview with an L.A. T.V. station in January.

No word on if the doughnuts will come served with a giant machete knife.