Whataburger fans have been getting all the goods at H-E-B lately, and Taco Cabana wants some of that grocery love.

This month, the San Antonio-based fast food chain has two hot sauces that will be for sale at H-E-B locations around Texas. They are selling the red and green sauces, made with guajillo and jalapeno peppers, respectively, but if you look closely, youíll see something surprising on the label.

Taco Cabana is now selling hot sauces at H-E-B. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

I donít tend to look closely at labels for stuff like this, but that changed when I noticed how green the green salsa was.

Iíve never seen green salsa that was forest green, but this green salsa is, thanks to yellow 5 and blue 1 that is listed in the ingredients. The red salsa isnít as shocking of a color, but it contains yellow 6 and red 40, two ingredients that Iím pretty sure the salsas that they serve in the restaurants donít have.

My fridge is already pretty full of hot sauces that donít contain food dyes, so Iíll probably pass on these, but if you want to try them, they cost about $3. You can buy them in H-E-B stores or online at heb.com.