Editor’s note: This article was originally published May 6, 2013

Texas ranks an underwhelming - but not surprising - 22nd in the League of American Bicyclists’ 2013 list of bicycle friendly states.

That’s an improvement over last year’s 27th place, but still a pretty miserable showing.

At the top of the heap? Washington. North Dakota pulls up the rear.

The League annually ranks all 50 states for bicycle friendliness, based on a questionnaire answered by each state’s bicycle coordinator and verified by League staff. It also gives each state a report card on its progress.

In its report card, Texas earned the lowest score, a 1 out of 5, in two categories - evaluation and planning, and infrastructure and funding.

On the positive side, we were recognized for having an active state advocacy group, a Share the Road campaign and an emphasis on bicycle safety in our strategic highway safety plan.

The report notes that Texas spends a low amount of federal funding on bicyclists and pedestrians. It also could adopt a statewide safe passing law (21 states have such a law), vulnerable road user law and statewide cell phone and texting band.

While Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a statewide 3-foot safe passing law in 2010, Austin has one. The city also has a vulnerable road user law and texting while driving ban.

For more information about the Bicycle Friendly States program go here. www.bikeleague.org/states

Others states in the top 10 are Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arizona.

To see the complete list, go here .

To read Texas’ report card, go here.