Olympic medalist Brendan Hansen, Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw and Tyler Vanderkolk have purchased Archery Country. Photo courtesy Archery Country


Swimming and archery go together like – goggles and arrows?

Six-time Olympic medalist Brendan Hansen and Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw have partnered with Austin native Tyler Vanderkolk to purchase Archery Country, which opened in Austin more than 30 years ago. Today it’s located at 8121 Research Boulevard.

Archery Country opened in Austin 30 years ago. Photo courtesy Archery Country

Hansen, a six-time Olympic medalist and former University of Texas swimmer, says the two sports share many similarities.

“They both take dedication and commitment,” he says. “But they also are open for everyone to enjoy, from the youngest child to the oldest veteran.”

Vanderkolk is the owner of Animal Art Taxidermy.

Archery Country caters to all skill levels, and has its own indoor shooting range that’s used for all types of archery, from traditional shooting to modern compounds and crossbows. Lessons are available for all ages.