It’s cold outside, the NFL playoffs start today and the Golden Globes are Sunday night — all you need to turn your weekend into a party are some delicious snacks. We have some recipes to get you started.

This cheesy dip packs a spicy punch with chorizo and is great for parties. Photo by Caroline Potter

Is it a party if there’s no queso? No, no it is not. But if you want to try something a little different (and Velveeta-free), go for this Cheddar Chorizo Dip.

TV binging calls for easy snacks you can mindlessly munch on (if, like so many of us, you’ve already abandoned your dieting New Year’s resolutions). Crunchy Party Mix, a cheese ball and Spicy Corn Dip all fit the bill.

What’s for dessert? In honor of the Golden Globes, go spherical with some no-bake dessert balls.

Party on, Austin.