Credit: Matthew Odam

The owners of Poke Poke, who helped bring the poke craze to Austin with the shop they opened on South Congress Avenue last summer, will soon add a second location. Poke Poke plans to open its second location, at 2320 Hancock Drive in the old Republic of Sandwich space, at the beginning of February.

Due to space constraints (less than 600 square feet), owners Jason McVearry and Trisha Fortuna will sell six to 10 poke variations by the pound from pre-made batches in a deli case, as was the custom in Hawaii, where they first learned about the dish while living there. McVearry said customers can also expect poke variations like limu poke (shoyu poke with limu, which is a seaweed with a crunchy, briny quality) and tako (brined octopus) poke. Poke Poke will also serve the made-to-order styles of poke from their current menu at the new shop.

In addition to the multiple options of the raw dish, which generally consist of sushi-grade ahi tuna tossed with soy sauce, sesame oil and seeds and onion for a salty, nutty, piquant bite, Poke Poke will also take advantage of their new kitchen to create dishes with cooked beef and shrimp.

Unlike their store at 3100 S. Congress Ave., this Poke Poke will not serve alcohol. McVearry says he does hope to replicate the delivery service the restaurant uses at its original Venice Beach, Calif. location, and offer delivery service via bicycle to the surrounding neighborhoods.


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