Personally, I’d rather take a whomping with a stout stick than spend much time looking back on 2016. But if you’re up for it, l’ll guide you through some of the Texas stuff we learned and loved in the last year …

If you’ve ever woken up hungover in a tent in Terlingua, we talked about how that probably happened.

Look back at the 50-year history of the Terlingua chili cookoff(s)

Love ’em or love to hate ’em, Texas A&M University hit 140 years old this year. And we honored them (albeit a day late).

Ten great Aggie things for Texas A&M’s 140th birthday

Our Oh, Texas Road Trip to the Brady Goat Cookoff had its moments, but we made a stop along the way to look for treasure.

Oh, Texas Road Trip: The battle of Calf Creek and Jim Bowie’s lost silver

This was one of our more popular lists about Texas. I reckon a lot of you are feeling guilty.

Top 10 Texas sins: Read this list and repent, Texans!

When you crest that rise on that Farm-to-Market road at 75 mph and there’s a buzzard congregation gathered ’round the remains of something that was easier to recognize before it wandered into traffic … what are you going to do? What are the buzzards going to do?

Watch out for the vultures: 8 tips for Texas road trips

What kind of Texan doesn’t love horny toads? In the future, sadly, it’ll probably be most of ’em, as the critters pass into legend and memory. Y’all better appreciate ’em while you can.

An appreciation: Long live the Texas horny toad

To drink a cold beer in old bar is to give Darwin the finger — to celebrate that which demands the world evolve around it. You can say the same about an old dancehall. Or an old barbecue joint.

This is one for the aged: Five of Texas’ oldest icons

When we stumbled across his name on Texas State Historical Association’s website, we had no idea you could pack so much drama into one eccentric ornithologist.

The Cassowary died 31 years ago today: The genius life and sad death of an Austin ornithologist

And finally, the Texas blog that needs no explanation …

Happy birthday, Texas: Here’s 180 things we love about you

Thanks for reading, everyone. We’ll write more in 2017.