Baby Greens is hosting a 28-day healthy living challenge starting Jan. 9. Photo courtesy Baby Greens

The restaurant on West Anderson Lane serves wraps and salads. Photo courtesy Baby Greens

A drive-through salad and wrap restaurant in Austin is launching a 28-day healthy living challenge.

The 28-day challenge begins Jan. 9. A kickoff party is set for noon to 2 p.m. Jan. 7 at Baby Greens, which opened last month at 1508 West Anderson Lane. The party will feature food tastings, a yoga class by Black Swan Yoga and more.

Those who participate in the 28-day challenge will get healthy tips, recipes, workouts, facts, Baby Greens specials, and more through the restaurant’s Instagram account. They’re also encouraged to post photos about their own experience using the hashtag #28daysofbabygreens. If they post a lot, they’ll have a chance to win a grand prize, which includes lots of food from the restaurant.

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