No internet connection? No problem.

You’re now able to download your favorite Netflix shows and movies to watch without needing an internet connection, the company announced Wednesday.

Juan Pablo Raba, from left, Luis Gnecco and Wagner Moura star in “Narcos.” (Daniel Daza/Netflix/TNS)

Netflix didn’t announce exactly which shows or how many shows will be available to download, but the company said Orange Is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown are all available immediately, but a teaser video released by Netflix also shows clips from House of Cards, The Art of Cai Guo Qiang, Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

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The feature is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets — all you have to do is update your app,  and you’ll see an arrow pointing downwards next to content that you can watch offline by accessing the “My Downloads” menu in the app.

Screenshot courtesy of Netflix

According to TIME, you’ll also be able to browse an “Available for Download” menu so you can see all the content available on the app.

Just in time for your holiday travels — make sure to download as much as possible for those long days in the airport.