Emory, Adam and their dog Kensho were at the park visiting new friends and having a doggie playdate. For Thanksgiving they plan to visit both sides of the family and, of course, enjoy lots of delicious food.
Mackenzie Palmer/American-Statesman

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for family, and dogs are a big part of family. But even if you want to include Fluffy at the dinner table, make sure you only give Fluff dog-safe foods.

Dog lover community†Sniff & Barkens made a video with Wandering Oak, a great Pyrenees mix, to demonstrate what Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs.

There are a few distinctions to the dog-friendly foods shown in the video to take note of. Pumpkin is OK; pumpkin pie filling is not. Just like cranberries are OK, but canned cranberry sauce is not. Basically, foods with added sugar does not go well in puppy tummies.

A few other foods to avoid giving your dog include onions, dinner rolls and alcohol.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your furry best friend the right way, and donít forget to skin and debone any turkey you put in their food bowl.