What’s the devil on your shoulder telling you?

There’s always some sort of internet joke that everyone can get on. This year, memes have taken on a political role. Pepe the Frog was co-opted by the alt-right movement for their own purposes, and the original creator of Pepe fired back with positive memes.

In this undated photo provided by Disney Enterprises, Kermit the Frog realizes that he is short one last act to fill the time for the live and televised Muppet Telethon in a scene from “The Muppets,” opening in theaters on Nov. 23. (AP Photo/Disney Enterprises, Scott Garfield)

Right now, people are venting their frustrations with last Tuesday’s election results with some excellent imagined conversations between Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. But others are using Kermit talking to evil Kermit (i.e. Kermit wearing a black hood) to show their inner conflicts, in an internet version of the classic angel on your shoulder vs. devil on your shoulder battle.

me: sees a fluffy dog
me to me: steal him pic.twitter.com/caHAAXm2ge

— ? (@404memes) November 7, 2016

A few people used evil Kermit to be the voice that tells you to indulge yourself:

Me: *decides to eat healthier*
Me to me: order a pizza pic.twitter.com/p9qUSEL8Rw

— Kaleigh. (@dinokae) November 14, 2016

and to poke fun at our weakness for fast food:

*every time I pass chick fil a*

me: I don't need it

me to me: you need it pic.twitter.com/MH9fU7qIEx

— Caitlyn Hartman (@caitlynsayshii) November 14, 2016

Others used the meme for some light-hearted political commentary:

Me: There's only one dinner roll left at this fancy dinner, and I'm the only black guy. I should just chill.

Darth Me: reparations pic.twitter.com/aipBgaJR6s

— Vann R. Newkirk II (@fivefifths) November 15, 2016

While others got real serious.

me: ok so we'll communicate openly & honestly

also me: no wait let's take fourteen days to stew over it until the pain becomes unbearable pic.twitter.com/LEnuucAlqO

— darcie wilder (@333333333433333) November 15, 2016

A twist on the meme showed the real sides of one Twitter user:

It me: pic.twitter.com/DfSnbRn9O1

— alex tumay (@alextumay) November 14, 2016

Though the meme has been around for a few days now, not everyone is ready to say goodbye.

Me: The evil Kermit talking to regular Kermit meme is played out, it’s time to move on

Me to me: tweet another one pic.twitter.com/H7WXvZSB3U

— Bobby (@SullivanBobby) November 14, 2016

Thanks for helping our dark sides see the light, evil Kermit.