If you live in Texas, you know these YETI stainless steel tumblers are all the rage. They’re pricey, but they keep your beverage super cold (or super hot) for what seems like hours longer than any other cup or mug you’ve ever owned.

While some argue that there are almost identical yet more affordable options to keep your beverages temperature-controlled, Texans are pretty loyal to their brands. Which means it was only a matter of time before this happened:

Whataburger branded Yeti. Because Texas. from texas


Reddit user u/need-a-refill (appropriate name) posted a custom-painted YETI in the r/Texas subreddit in mid-October, and it didn’t take long for the Texas-based fast food chain to respond with their own version.

Image courtesy Whataburger

Ask and you shall receive. You can buy your own Whataburger-branded tumbler, which looks just like a large Whataburger cup (but no styrofoam here!) on Whataburger’s website for $42.99. That’s a few bucks more expensive than a YETI brand, but you don’t have to paint it yourself.

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