As the Internet is wont to do, it isn’t too long until a big cultural event is turned into a meme.

As for this year’s election results, one Titter user has turned his frustration about Donald Trump’s win into an opportunity to communicate his frustration through Joe Biden memes.

The memes, which you may have seen pop up on your Facebook and Twitter timelines this week, involve President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. They often portray Biden plotting some sort of prank for president-elect Donald Trump, while Obama jumps in as the voice of reason and rebukes him.

Obama: Did you replace all the toiletries with travel size bottles?
Biden: He's got tiny hands Barack, I want him to feel welcome here

— Josh (@jbillinson) November 11, 2016

Obama: Tell Joe why he can't booby trap the White H-
Biden: Now hold on a second, just know that no matter what you say I'm doing it anyways

— Josh (@jbillinson) November 13, 2016

Biden: I took a Staples red button & wrote "Nukes" on it

Obama: Joe!

Biden: Tweets to him in Russian when pressed

— Crutnacker (@Crutnacker) November 13, 2016

Biden: I think if we just leave a small-
Obama: No
Biden: Just a small Mouse Trap inspired-
Obama: No booby traps, Joe

— Josh (@jbillinson) November 12, 2016

As of three days ago, the posts now have their own community on Reddit: r/bidenbro.

Many of them appear to be the work of one man, Josh Billinson, who started tweeting the memes Nov. 10. The first one is an homage to “Step Brothers,” the 2008 Will Ferrell comedy.

Obama: "They just called it for Trump, he won"
Biden: "Well I'm not going to call him President, ever! Not even if there's a fire!"

— Josh (@jbillinson) November 10, 2016

Since that tweet, Billinson has created several Biden-related memes, an activity that he said was a great honor for him.

If I can swing these memes into meeting Joe Biden, my life would be complete. He's a big hero of mine, and satirizing him has been an honor

— Josh (@jbillinson) November 14, 2016

Biden, who decided to not run for president in 2016 after the 2015 death of his son Beau Biden, has often been the subject of Internet fandom. His hot mic moment where he called the Affordable Care Act “a big f—ing deal” and a recent interview where he said he was “not a big fan” of former congressman Anthony Weiner are just two such moments.