Kevin Welch with his children Dustin Welch and Savannah Welch in Wimberley. Laura Skelding/American-Statesman 2013

Update (Wednesday, Nov. 9): A crowdfunding page has now been created: Love for Savannah Welch

A message from the Welch Family accompanied the crowdfunding announcement:
“Although Savannah does have insurance, there are immediate needs that must be met before any insurance claims will be settled and a vast amount of costs that will be incurred for her family from this life-changing injury that are unknown at this time. Savannah is facing all this with mind-blowing strength, positivity, gratitude and determination to begin building her new life with her son, life partner, family and friends. Beyond extensive medical fees, there will be needs for child Charlie-care, family travel expenses, an appropriate living situation that will cater to her physical therapy and healing needs, assisted home care, clothing (you know she’ll be gigging again in no time) and many more things well beyond what can currently be thought of. Savannah is a living miracle and an inspiration to us all and is fighting with all her might everyday to move forward. Let’s help her begin again and join in the celebration of being blessed with her beautiful soul on this earth.”

Messages of love and support for musician and actress Savannah Welch echoed across social media over the weekend as her family confirmed that an accident at the Wimberley Farmers Market last Wednesday resulted in injuries severe enough to require amputation of Welch’s right leg.

The Trishas, the four-woman band with whom Welch has performed for many years, posted publicly to Facebook on Saturday the following statement from Welch’s family:

“Wednesday afternoon, November 2nd, Savannah Welch was hit by a vehicle at the Wimberley Farmers Market. She was accompanied by her father, Kevin, and four-year old son, Charlie, neither of whom were injured. Savannah was Star Flighted to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin where it was determined the impact injury sustained to her right leg was beyond repair resulting in amputation. She is currently recuperating well and in good spirit surrounded by her family and friends.

Savannah is an actress, known for her roles in many local films including Boyhood and Tree of Life, as well as being a member of the Texas-based band, The Trishas. The outpouring of love and support from the community and beyond has sustained her and her family through this difficult time. She is a blessing and a living miracle to all those in her life. Once we have more information on our needs, details on how to help will follow next week.”

Welch’s father, renowned Americana singer-songwriter Kevin Welch, said Monday that “our sweet girl is tough as nails and full of love.”

Dustin Welch, Savannah’s brother and also a musician who has performed with his father and sister, added the following on Sunday in a public Facebook post:

“Savannah is a warrior woman, strong in will and spirit. Her life — as is ours — is doubtlessly altered, but in no way diminished. For that, we are fortunate. I will spend the next week hosting the first ever Soldier Songs and Voices Reveille Songwriting Retreat, where I will be surrounded by individuals inspiring and brave, several of whom who have suffered the loss of a limb. In this, I feel better fit to serve and assist these victims of trauma as well as having the opportunity to gain a unique insight in caring for my sweet, beautiful sister. She is truly my hero.”

Dustin and Kevin Welch are scheduled to perform a Veterans Day benefit concert on Friday, Nov. 11, at 9 p.m. at the Saxon Pub.