Sometimes, it rains more than expected, and Sound on Sound Festival organizers are forced to evacuate patrons on Sunday. Old Potato Road reportedly floods, and charter shuttles apparently pull into Walmart parking lots to wait until further notice.

Sound On Sound Festival attendees evacuate the fairground on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016. (Dave Creaney/American-Statesman)

The weekend was infectiously optimistic and curated by dreamers, but almost as soon as the third day began, it seemed like it would be cut short by nasty weather. Some of those who couldn’t take refuge in their cars were shuttled away from the mud and mayhem. That’s when the human spirit, and the soul of this crowd, shines.

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According to Reddit user misstrickyjones, apparently among the displaced music fans, a cluster of five strangers went inside Walmart and bought Lone Star beer for the whole bus.

As she writes:

Rock and roll all night.