Photo via Science Channel

The Bermuda Triangle mystery has become less mysterious.

The Bermuda Triangle has befuddled scientists for its popularity as a missing-ship location. But now, meteorologists have discovered a weather explanation for mysterious disappearances of planes and ships in the area.

The Science Channel posted a video showing satellite photos of clouds above the Bermuda Triangle, with a very unusual pattern — hexagonal.

Meteorologists compared the hexagonal cloud pattern in the Bermuda Triangle to those above the North Sea off the coast of the United Kingdom, half a world away. The satellite images taken over the North Sea were snapped with a camera that can also use radar imaging. Radar images taken at the same time as the satellite photos show sea-level winds reaching almost 100 miles per hour, which can cause waves over 45 feet high.

“These hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs,” meteorologist Randy Cerveny explains in the video. “They’re formed by what are called microbursts, and they are blasts of air that come down out from the bottom of the cloud, and then hit the ocean, and then create waves that can be sometimes massive in size.”

Though scary, this new discovery may allow for aircraft and ships to have forewarning from satellite images. Satellite analysts are looking for more hexagonal clouds and can alert anyone in the area of possible microbursts.