Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart are #goals. Their friendship is adorable, especially when they face their fears together. Two years ago, that fear was riding a roller coaster at Universal Studios Orlando. On Thursday, it was visiting New York City’s scariest haunted house, “Blood Manor.”

Before entering the haunted house with cameras strapped to their chest, the two comedians seem pretty nervous.

“I want to say this,” Kevin Hart says. “You jump out on me if you want to, you’re gonna get a boot to the neck.”

At the beginning, they try to play it cool, and Hart even points at a severed hand, joking, “Hey Jimmy, give me a hand” — and then a woman jumps out at them, screaming, and the haunting has begun.


They meander through different rooms with varying themes and characters, but the scariest part happens when they walk through a dark corridor, and hidden people (which we can see, thanks to night-vision cameras, but they can’t) grab at their ankles. NOPE.

At one point, they get brave and tell a chainsaw-wielding man to “stop it,” and they chill out for a second, laughing — until a girl jumps out screaming and scares them again.

At the end of the video, Fallon says, “Happy Halloween, dude.”

“Why don’t you, uh, go f*** yourself, Jimmy,” Hart replies.

This “Blood Manor” place looks legit terrifying. Shout out to these guys for scaring themselves for our laughs.