If barbecue was the king of Austin cuisine, pizza would definitely be the right hand. Zagat, a review site for everything from hotels to bars, named one pizzeria from each of the 50 U.S. states and it should come as no surprise that the pizza representing Texas would be found in the state capital.

You might be thinking one of the most popular pizza-slingers in town earned the distinction, such as Home Slice or even the critically-acclaimed Bufalina. The honor actually goes to Spartan Pizza. The New York-inspired pizzeria has two locations in the city and is classically Austin with its food trailer roots.

Zagat points to "The Pegasus" pie as the one to try at Spartan Pizza. According to the menu online, this particular pizza contains "cilantro pesto, chicken breast tossed with Frank’s buffalo sauce, red onion, banana pepper, and blue cheese" and ranges from $10.50 for a 10-inch pizza to $16 for a 14-inch pizza.

"This homage to wings is a zesty treat for the senses built for football season in Texas," according to Zagat’s staff.

Grab a slice of Spartan Pizza at the brick-and-mortar  location at 1007 E 6th St. or The Midway Food Park at 1905 S Capital of Texas Hwy.