David Trap will spin music designed to enhance the yoga experience at a series of classes during SXSW. Photo courtesy David Trap

The right musical backdrop can transform yoga from mere muscle-stretching exercise into something far more powerful.

That from David Trap, aka the Yoga DJ, who sets local yoga classes to music that he describes as down tempo, chill, ambient and electronic.

“I found yoga, then said, ‘This is not good enough. I can make it better,'” Trap said this morning, as he prepared for a series of SXSW yoga classes.

Trust us, some soothing stretch and balance work will ease the physical strain of all that late-night concert hopping.

“I get the best music and put it together in a format for yoga flow to give you that optimal feeling,” he said. “It gives you more of an experience, so you can feel the chemical balances change in your brain. It amps up the yoga experience.”

You can catch his work online, via soundcloud.com/davidtrap. Or catch one of the following classes, where Trap will spin tunes designed to enhance your downward dog. (That last class at Wanderlust is special – Trap has created a time-lapse video of outer space that he’ll project onto a wall to add yet another dimension to your yoga experience.):

7 p.m. tonight at Whole Foods, with Black Swan yoga. Free.10 a.m. and noon Thursday, March 17, Black Swan Yoga, 403 Orchard Street. Free for SXSW pass holders.10 a.m. and noon Friday, March 18, Black Swan Yoga, 403 Orchard Street. Free for SXSW pass holders.noon Saturday, March 19, Resolute Fitness, rooftop of Lamar Union Apartments, 1100 S. Lamar Boulevard. Free.11 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, Wanderlust Yoga, 206 E. Fourth Street. Drop-in fee.