Yo La Tengo at Hogg Auditorium, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016. Photo by Peter Blackstock

Yo La Tengo has traversed a lot of musical territory in 30 years of recording, but a prime entry point for a lot of their fans was the 1990 acoustic album “Fakebook,” a brilliant collection of originals and mostly obscure covers. Like the band’s career as a whole, the record seemed a hodgepodge on the surface but was united by a singular artistic vision, mood and feel.

Last year’s “Stuff Like That There” served as a 25th-anniversary nod to “Fakebook,” and for the acoustic tour that followed, core members Ira Kaplan (guitar), Georgia Hubley (drums) and James McNew (bass) brought along guest guitarist Dave Schramm, who played a pivotal role on both records. Saturday night found them at the University of Texas’ Hogg Auditorium, a venue seldom used for popular music concerts — an aspect that underscored the special nature of this evening.

Yo La Tengo covering the Byrds' "Wasn't Born to Follow" at Hogg Auditorium #austin360nightspic.twitter.com/GRAr9JHkGr

— Peter Blackstock (@Blackstock360) February 7, 2016

Through their understated performing style and their careful selection of songs unearthed from unlikely sources, Yo La Tengo has a way of transporting its audience into another time, another place, another mood. The tempo and intensity may change from song to song, but the spell that Kaplan and Hubley weave with their vulnerable vocal soliloquies and harmonies consistently becomes magic.

Saturday’s show, which included 26 songs over two sets and an encore, ultimately was more about the new album: They played 10 of the 14 songs from ‘Stuff Like That There,” compared to just three from “Facebook.” Still, the same aura that pervades both records was present throughout the night, extended with many other tunes that fit the theme. That included beyond-the-hits covers from the likes of the Rolling Stones (“Take It or Leave It”) and Devo (“Bottled Up”) as well as heartstopping originals such as “Today Is the Day” (from 2003’s “Summer Sun”) and “Autumn Sweater” (from 1997’s “I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One”).

Yo La Tengo at Hogg Auditorium #austin360nights

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They pushed the bounds of this self-described “folk show” most noticeably on “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind,” with curves and drones that stretched on for nearly 10 minutes. But best of all was “Our Way to Fall,” from 2000’s “And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out,” which closed the second set with an exquisite melody set to lyrics that embody everything a great reflective love song should be: “I remember before we met, I remember sitting next to you, I remember pretending I wasn’t looking.”

1. Tried So Hard
2. The Point of It
3. Rickety
4. My Heart’s Not in It
5. Take It or Leave It
6. All Your Secrets
7. Friday I’m in Love
8. Autumn Sweater
9. Bottled Up
10. The Ballad of Red Buckets
11. What Can I Say

12. Butchie’s Tune
13. Alyda
14. Naples
15. Automatic Doom
16. I Can Feel the Ice Melting
17. Awhileaway
18. Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
19. Today Is the Day
20. I Can’t Forget
21. Wasn’t Born to Follow
22. Ohm
23. Our Way to Fall

24. Tom Courtenay
25. This Diamond Ring
26. Farmer’s Daughter