Apparently, there are far more uses to Shiner Bock than the obvious one of drinking it.

Photo by Emma Janzen / American-Statesman. For two weeks in August, Birds Barbershop and Shiner Bock are partnering up in a new way: “Bock washes” that will add pep and volume to your hair.

Starting today through Aug. 28, all Birds Barbershop locations are going to offer you two free Shiner beers with your haircut. One to sip on while you wait, like the barbershop always has, and one to condition your hair with. That one will come flat, though, the better to bring out the body and shine in your lustrous locks.

No, really.

You might be dubious about the benefits, but according to a press release, “experts say proteins in this liquid gold can boost volume, while the sugars tighten cuticles to help produce that extra shine.” Hops and malts don’t just provide crucial flavors to beer; they also supply those proteins that can help your hair.

If you’re due to give your locks some love this month, the seven Birds Barbershops in Austin will have free Shiner hair wash treatments available to anyone getting a haircut. Or, if you’d prefer a home “beerwash,” that’s OK, too: Birds has a cheeky instructional video on YouTube (see below) to show you how to replicate this boozy bit of haircare.

Just about any beer will do during these beer washes, but it’s worth noting that Spoetzl Brewery, the makers of Shiner, has recently released a Strawberry Blonde beer, a lightly fruity, easy-drinking summer sipper that might make your hair smell great, too.

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