It’s about to get even easier to buy local produce straight from a farmer.

After more than six months of delivery restaurant food in Austin, UberEats will soon start delivering produce from the downtown farmers market.

The Sustainable Food Center’s Farmers’ Market Downtown has partnered with UberEats to provide home delivery of boxes of produce that customers buy through the app. Rodolfo Gonzalez for the Austin American-Statesman

The company has teamed up with the Sustainable Food Center to launch a test program at the downtown market starting this Saturday. Customers can order a $20 box of produce from a number of the SFC farmers through the UberEats app for delivery to their home within a couple of hours. The program is only available in certain ZIP codes.

To order the delivery, you have to download the UberEats app. The farmers do not pay a fee to participate at this time.

Unlike Instacart, UberEats hasn’t gotten into the grocery delivery space yet, and there are plenty of other local farmers who have been handling home delivery themselves, including Farmhouse Delivery, Tecolote Farm, Johnson’s Backyard Garden and Blessing Farms, a relatively new farm 35 miles east of Austin.

Here is a list of other local community supported agriculture programs from farms around Central Texas. Lots of options, especially if you’re near some of the pick-up sites.

From Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director at Sustainable Food Center: “We are thrilled to be partnering with UberEATS to help distribute farm fresh produce from our SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown to the Austin community. This program directly advances our mission of supporting our farmers and improving access to nutritious food by creating a new and innovative marketplace.”

What do you think about this newest addition to delivery options? Will it help the farmers or increase their competition? What can’t UberEats deliver? Should Instacart be worried?


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