Dana Younger and Felice House at ‘Sum You Some Me’ opening. Michael Barnes/American-Statesman.

So great to chat with sculptor Dana Younger, whose career I’ve followed for more than 20 years, since he was a member of the utterly charming Troupe Texas, which unfortunately expired in 1995. In most minds, however, he is more closely associated with Blue Genie Art Industries, known for its commercial and architectural sculpture. After putting up a show in Grand Rapids, Mich, he and his painter wife, Felice House, have staged a larger version of “Sum You Some Me” at the Dougherty Arts Center. It’s figurative and fantastical and the opening night crowd couldn’t get enough of it. Really, they wouldn’t leave. Go by Sept. 10.

Director of Operations Rob Harrison, Chief Strategist Paul Pellinger, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, CFO Andrew Sossin, CEO Marshall Geiser, and Accountant Robert Sossin at Recovery Unplugged grand opening. Suzanne Cordeiro for the American-Statesman.

Recently, a fairly novel addiction treatment center, Recovery Unplugged, opened with an emphasis on serving Austin’s music industry. The grand opening of the place, which started in Fort Lauderdale and uses music as part of the therapy, included, according to spokeswoman Anna Vaughn, live music, barbecue, tours of the facility, giveaways, appearances by Richie Supa and Joey Kramer and more. “The treatment center brings a new approach to recovery and sobriety by combining music into the process,” she continues. “They have a special music room where local sober/clean musicians come to run process groups where they talk about their experience in recovery and discuss lyrics, which helps the clients relate to what they are going through.  The center also has Playlist groups where the clients explore their feelings through songs they enjoy.  This unique approach of using music to help move lives forward on a new path is sure to thrive in a community like Austin.” What’s not to like?

Rotarians Frank Lynn and Sally Spann with happy teachers at Pickle Elementary.

Jean Nalle, president elect of Austin University Rotary, tell us that “all of the teachers at Pickle Elementary were given $50 gift cards for their classrooms as well as discounts at Office Depot to help with the coming school year. Equipment was also given to the school from a wish list along with books for the library and books from Bookspring. We have been helping this school the last year and step up our help this year. We also partner with other Rotary Clubs to help Pecan Springs Elementary along with the Andy Roddick Foundation.” Love the Rotarians.